Work-in-Progress Abilities:

Level 1 – Trained Killer
Type: Passive
The Rogue gains a damage bonus when using daggers.


Level 2 – Shadow Strike
Type: Instant
While stealthed, step through the shadows and stab your opponent in the back.

Shadow Perk: Causes shadow strike to stun for 4 seconds..


Level 5 – Thieves Knowledge
Type: Passive
When killing humanoids you have a 1 in 3 chance of finding hidden loot on them.


Level 7 – Sneak Attack
Type: Passive
The Rogue deals 2x damage when behind a target.


Level 8 – Quick Step
Type: Instant
Causes you to move behind an opponent  in an instant while they are in melee range to allow for a sneak attack.

Shadow Perk: Turns into Shadow Step; allows you to use quick step from a distance. With the added ability of for 20 seconds after you use it to get behind someone you can press the ability again and teleport back to the location you started from.


Level 10 – Shadow Cloak
Type: Instant
Covers the rogue in shadows causing him to gain 1.5x damage bonus for 20 seconds. Also alters some Rogue abilities imbuing them with shadows. 1 min CD. See “Shadow Perks” on other abilities to see what Shadow Cloak adds to the abilities.


Level 13 – Shiv
Type: Instant
Shivs the target causing them to take bleeding damage over 15 seconds, prevents regeneration for 20 seconds.

Shadow Perk: Allows you to dodge with out the Stamina Regeneration Penalty


Level 15 – Evasion
Type: Instant
Doubles your dodge chance for 15 seconds, than reduces stamina regeneration by 50% for 5 seconds. 1 Min CD

Shadow Perk: Reduces healing done to the target by 50% for 20 seconds.


Level 17 – Cheat Death
Type: Triggered
A killing blow that would normally -kill you- instead just reduces your health down to 20, you will be unable to proc this ability again for another 5 minutes.


Level 20 – Shadow Dance
Type: Instant
Your mastery of shadows has been completed, once every 5 minutes you can step through the shadows and stab every enemy in the back in the area for major damage.