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Welcome seeker. A quest for knowledge and understanding has brought you to these ancient pages. Within these scribbled lines you will come to understand the mythos surrounding the creation of Teiravon. These will only be the first steps in our quest for knowledge, for these pages will stir more questions and offer few answers. It is incumbent upon you to discern fact from fiction. The only way to do that is to find your own truth. Let this be but a doorway to your enlightenment.

Weldon Jus – High Historian, Teiravon Lore
Royal house of Knowledge

The Book of We

A compilation of texts written some four millennia ago during the life of Priestess Raza, Prophet of The Mother. It is from these texts that humanity came to understand its creation. Priestess Raza was often taken by fever. These are the transcribed testimonies of Priestess Raza while in these fevered states. It is believed that the fevers would allow her to either commune with The Mother or to walk the long veil of time and to witness the events as they unfolded. When questioned after such events, Priestess Raza would have no memory of the occurrence. We offer those selections that are most relevant to the questions you may have.

The Book of Lament

Written three hundred years ago. The texts that comprise its making are the combined works of learned men and women in the fields of religion, philosophy and even warfare. The Book of Lament tallies the sorrows of men and the burden of the shaming that turned The Mother against her original creation called humanity and brought about the arrival of the Long Lived.