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The Short Version

Have fun, and don’t be a jerk.

The Long Version:

By using any of the services provided by Teiravon you agree to being bound by its conditions, its terms-of-service, and the policies it upholds. If you do not agree to all the terms and conditions of this Agreement, you shouldn’t and aren’t permitted to use the Services.

Failure to abide by the policies and terms-of-service may result in a temporary seizure of membership, and/or confiscation of usage from the Discord server, the forums, and/or the website. Any breach of Agreement or failure to abide by the policies and terms-of-service may also result in a complete termination of membership, access, and usage.

Misuse of any other services that breaches the Legends of Aria/Citadel Studios terms-of-service and/or privacy policy will be reported to Legends of Aria/Citadel Studios immediately.

The General Rules of Teiravon include, but are not limited to the basic protocol and conduct for a player to follow on the server itself, the forums, and any other services provided by Teiravon.

  • No Griefing – This classifies as any sort of destruction or vandalization of any sort of property on the server that is not your own outside of roleplay.
  • Excessive use of vulgar language, offensive terms, or otherwise “swearing” is highly discouraged and if it continues after warning will result in punishment. Teiravon staff reserve the right to make determinations between what is acceptable regarding in-situation role playing and offensive and abusive behavior toward another player (see the role playing guide).
  • Client side Mods and Exploitations – Any client side mod that otherwise provides game-changing alterations instead of aesthetic alterations is not allowed. Exploiting any server-side or client-side glitches or bugs is prohibited. Any bug, glitch, or issue with the server, TeamSpeak, or website should be reported immediately and if abused will result in punishment.
  • Disrespect – Disrespect of staff, administration, and/or fellow members of the community will not be tolerated.
  • Comments or discussions that are racist, sexist, or anything of that nature are not allowed outside-of-Roleplay.
  • Bashing and/or blatantly insulting another member of staff or the community through any of the mediums and/or services provided by Teiravon will not be tolerated.
  • Constructively criticizing another character for the sake of critiquing is okay, but bashing and blatantly offending another player by their character out-of-Roleplay will not be tolerated.
  • Excessive amounts of “Trash Talking/Talking Smack” about another opposing faction, group, or character outside-of-Roleplay will not be tolerated.
  • Unknown publication and/or distribution of personal information without the consent and prior knowledge of the owner is prohibited.
  • Unwarranted flaming, trolling, or harassing of another member through any means of communication is prohibited.
  • If you have a problem with a staff member, contact an administrator so it may be handled properly and efficiently.
  • Impersonating another member of the community or staff is strictly forbidden. If you are discovered to be impersonating a member of Teiravon, your membership and access will be terminated immediately.
  • You may not teleport or log off suddenly to avoid roleplay.
  • Don’t use global chat as a means of carrying on a conversation with a friend. Private messaging systems should be used.
  • While we are a mature community and uphold the qualities of a mature audience, there are in fact younger players who take part in Teiravon. We ask that violent, sexual, and other content be kept PG-13 if possible – and especially if asked to.
  • If someone asks you politely to stop what you’re saying or doing, to word it in a different manner, or to carry it on privately – please do so.
  • Remember that the server does not revolve around just you and your character. We are trying to write a story, not a biography. Do what’s best and most fun for everyone participating, not just yourself.
Roleplay Rules
  • Legitimate Roleplay – Teiravon takes roleplay seriously, and so we do our best to ensure that roleplay is just, realistic, and fun for everyone. In order to maintain fairness and prevent problems, there are rules to follow when Roleplaying.
  • Stay in-character at all times. We understand that it is difficult to constantly focus on roleplay all the time when online, and sometimes we all need small intervals for breaks while online and actively participating in RP – but this is not an excuse to avoid roleplay.
  • No Powergaming – This is defined as overcoming every challenge and obstacle your character is presented with. Every character must have clear flaws in order to be considered balanced. You will be scared, you will lose sometimes. You can and will be defeated. You are not a jack-of-all trades, and master of everything.
  • No Powerplaying – This is defined as doing absolutely everything in your power outside-of-Roleplay, not just in Roleplay, to prevail or force your way out of a situation that might not be in your own best interest. It’s no fun playing with a sore-loser.
  • No Metagaming – This is defined as using your own personal knowledge and sharing that with your character, or someone elses character, for your benefit. This is a serious offense. Your character is not all-knowing, even wise men can get things wrong. Using personal information for your character to overcome challenges or otherwise alter the outcome of roleplay illegitimately is not allowed.
  • No Lorebreaking – This is defined as severely bending the boundaries of Lore to benefit yourself and your character in spite of the lore, setting, and roleplay. For example, playing a character from a culture of pacifists typically isn’t going to turn into a cruel, militant dictator. This also classifies as a player defying their own character boundaries, for example boundaries defined in their Application. This is not a completely serious offense, but it’s discouraged and if it becomes a problem then it will be dealt with.
  • Advanced Roleplay – abilities and actions committed that have plot and game-changing effects on players, characters, and the plot line of the server. Performing some of these actions are reserved for major events, and are carefully moderated by GMs. This is to ensure these abilities are not abused, as they can seriously affect roleplay and a players experience.
  • Actions that require GM moderation are:
    • Permanently killing another character.
    • Breaking and entering.
    • Vandalizing or destroying property that you do not own.
    • Permanently damaging or crippling another character.
  • Playing a villainous character requires an accepted application. This is a huge responsibility and should not be taken lightly. Your roleplay committing villainy can seriously hurt the server and the roleplay of others if not handled maturely.
  • Sexual Content in Roleplay – Teiravon does not allow sexual content in its roleplay, forums, or Discord. Due to the presence of younger audiences and a diverse community, we ask that you respect our boundaries of appropriate behavior. Pedophilia, bestiality, incest, rape, and cross-breeding with another species is NOT allowed under any circumstances. If you are caught taking part in erotic roleplay, you will be warned to stop. If it continues, further action will be taken by admins. To appropriately incorporate sexual activity roleplay with your partner, simply “Fade-to-Black” like movie scenes. There’s the lead up, and then the scene changes and you skip ahead.
  • Respecting Roleplay – We try our best to uphold realism to an extent, and to also achieve social and political balance in roleplay. Please roleplay maturely, responsibly, and respectfully.
  • Please do not try to start off immediately as an exalted character. You are no more important than anyone else starting off, and you must earn respect and titles with patience and determination.
  • Try to respect high stature characters, they often worked extremely hard to get where they’re at. These characters are your path to success, respecting them will get you much further than offending them.
  • Choose your profession wisely, one that best suits you and your character. You cannot be a master of everything, or even most. Choose your path carefully.
  • If you are wounded by any means, roleplay those wounds realistically. If you broke your leg you’re not going to be running around. If you do not know how to react to certain injuries, it only takes a few minutes to do some research.
  • Roleplay emotions and understand your physical boundaries. You will get fatigued, and exhausted, and your body will want to shut down under certain situations and pressures. Understand hindrances that come with age.
  • Understand the discipline and skill of those who have practiced, trained, and taken a long time to master their profession. You will not best a sword master when you’ve never lifted a sword before in your life. Experience outlined in your application or backstory must be also learned in-character.
Discord and Forum Rules

The best place to hang out and talk out-of-character with players are the forums and the Discord server. There are a lot of great people to get to know, and discussions provide direct feedback straight to the staff and administration.

  • Follow the conduct of the general rules. Disrespect, excessive language, vulgarity, and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in public channels.
  • Your avatar may not contain any form of vulgar, sexually explicit, or otherwise offensive content.