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Necrolurges have experimented with the dark side of crystal manipulation. They utilize power in a way that can reanimate bodies to do their bidding.



Increased Mana Pool, Increased Spell Power. The Channeling skill is a recommended compliment since it enables you to recover mana much faster.


Magic resistance and effects (Chance to take 50% Magic Damage) The Wisdom stat reduces the amount of damage taken from enemy spells.



Determines how successful players are at casting offensive magic spells.

Magic Affinity

Enhances the damage of offensive spells. The Intelligence stat also increases your damage with your spells, but to a much lesser extent than Magic Affinity.


Determines how successfully mana is transmuted into beneficial spells.


Determines the ability to regenerate mana passively and actively with the Focus ability.


Innate Class Ability – Summon Undead Servant

Call Damned:

Summons the damned to help you, this is restricted base upon level.

Level 1 – Skeleton

Description: A weaker undead servant that can equip certain items.


Can wear armor, and use weapons.

Can go stealth, and sneak attack if given a dagger.

Can use combat abilities

Uses taunt, to keep enemies away from you.

Level 7 – Ghoul

Description: An undead servant that can take a beating and is resistant.


Uses taunt to keep enemies away from you.

Has a higher health pool to help tank better.

Level 13 – Skull

Description: A flying skull not to be messed with that attacks from a distance, has low health but does good damage.


Casts Teleport and Fireball

Level 17 – Spectre

Description: Summons a specter with a scythe.


High Damage – Low health

Turns invisible while not in combat.

(Note: Your servants will be attacked by the guards if they are seen.)

Necrolurgy Abilities:

Level 2 – Consuming Shadows

Damage Type: Darkness

Type: Spell

Description:Places a damage over time effect upon the target, and causing it to be slowed.

Level 3 – Siphon Essence

Damage Type: Magical / Leeching

Type: Spell

Description: Directly damages the enemy and heals you for the damage amount.

Level 5 – Necrotic Rejuvenation

Type: Spell

Description:Heals your pet

Level 7 – One with Death

Type: Spell

Description: Turns you into a skeleton, drains life and restores mana.

Level 7 – Plague

Type: Spell

Damage Type: Disease

Description: Places a disease upon the target causing them to rot from the inside out dealing damage over time.

Level 10 – Fear

Type: Spell

Description: Fears the target making it run away for a certain amount of time.

Level 11 – Combustion

Type: Spell

Damage Type: Fire

Description: Causes direct damage to the target, if the target is humanoid they will combust into a skeleton and receive a small damage over time spell effect until they return to normal.

Level 13 – Vampiric Curse

Type: Spell

Damage Type: Magical /leeching

Description: Places a magical damage over time effect upon the target causing them damage and healing you for the damage done.

Level 15 – Corpse Explosion

Type: Spell

Damage Type: Magical

Description: Causes a corpse to explode dealing damage to those within the blast radius, also places a long but weak dot upon the target.

Level 17 – Shade Step

Type: Spell

Description: Lets you step into the world of the shade and turn invisible while draining mana.

Level 17 – Envenom

Type: Spell

Damage Type: Poison

Description: Places a dot upon the target that ticks less often, but does more damage.

Level 20 – Specter Form

Type: Spell

Description: Turns you into a specter draining health for mana, this spell is more efficient than the skeleton forum but does not give you as much mana in return.