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Conduits are perhaps the least understood group of people in Teiravon. They keep to their books as much as to themselves, and often are not very social.

History is strong with tales of terrible deeds done by the likes of this group and their magic. Tales of skies and oceans of fire, or whispers known to drive anyone close to madness. Despite the general mistrust of mages, healthy living can be made assisting others with spells finer than even the sharpest of blades.



Increased Mana Pool, Increased Spell Power. The Channeling skill is a recommended compliment since it enables you to recover mana much faster.


Magic resistance and effects (Chance to take 50% Magic Damage) The Wisdom stat reduces the amount of damage taken from enemy spells.



Determines how successful players are at casting offensive magic spells.

Magic Affinity

Enhances the damage of offensive spells. The Intelligence stat also increases your damage with your spells, but to a much lesser extent than Magic Affinity.


Determines how successfully mana is transmuted into beneficial spells.


Determines the ability to regenerate mana passively and actively with the Focus ability.


Level 2- Fire Bolt
Type: Spell
Description: Hurl a ball of fire at your enemies, with a chance to ignite them on fire with a small dot upon crit.


Level 3 – Conjure: Food
Type: Spell
Description: You conjure food that lasts for 1 minute, allowing you to help fend off starvation for you and your party.


Level 4 – Mage Armor
Type: Spell
Description: Allows you to increase your armor rating, and dodge rating for 10 minutes.


Level 5 – Fearie Fire
Type: Spell
Description: Surrounds your target in magical blue flames that do no damage, but decreases their dodge chance.


Level 6 – Fairy Fire
Type: Spell
Illuminates the target in small amount of fire and sparkles that does not burn, but reduces their defense and makes them easier to hit.


Level 7 – Blink
Type: Spell
Description: Allows you to instantly teleport to another location before going on cool down, if you have enough Abjuration skill you will be able to use this twice before it returns to cool down.


Level 8 – Bind
Type: Spell
Description: Binds the target in place causes him to be paralyzed for a while. Any damage will break this effect, and can only be used on one target at a time.


Level 9 – Lightning
Type: Spell
Description: Assault your target with lightning called from the heavens, critical effects of this spell will cause it to hurt others near by.


Level 10 – Clarity
Type: Spell
Description: Increases mana regeneration for mages and lasts for 10 minutes. With enough Abjuration skill not only can you cast this upon other but its effects grow as well.

Level 11 – Conjure: Web Trap
Type: Spell
Description: Places an invisable magical spiderweb at the targeted location that will stay for a few minutes, anyone including the caster who walks into the web will become rooted.


Level 12 – Invisability
Type: Spell
Description: Allows you to become invisible to the world around you, but drains mana in order to maintain the effect.


Level 13 – Frost Fire
Type: Spell
Description: Shoots out a bolt of fire and frost at the target, a critical effect will cause freezer burn and will slow and inflict a damage over time upon you.


Level 14 – Ice Storm
Type: Spell
Description: Rains down ice from above on the targets below, critical hits will cause a slow effect.


Level 15 – Conjure: Portal
Type: Spell
Description: Allows you to summon portals for people to use, assuming you have the portal and are bound to the proper locations.


Level 16 – Shock Bolt
Type: Spell
Description: Sends out a bolt of electricity that stuns the target if it crits.


Level 17 -Conjure: Gargoyle
Type: Spell
Description: Allows you to summon a Gargoyle to fight for your cause.


Level 18 – Bombardment
Type: Spell
Description: Hurls a large rock at the target, and causes nearby opponents to be stunned if it crits.


Level 19 – Recall and Bind
Type: Spell
Description: Allows you to bind and recall to that location with two different spells.


Level 20 – BlackHole
Type: Spell
Description: Expend a tremendous amount of mana to summon a black hole and devastate the surrounding area.

Magic Types

Joro (Earth)

The power derived from amryst.

Aethyr (Air)

The power derived from cobalt.

Lucen (Light)

The power derived from amber.


The power derived from citrine.


The power derived from calcite.

Malnin (Time)

The power derived from diamond.