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Karjarek Clan


The tribes that make up what is now the Karjarek clan originated in the Upper Plains. As Eldrich grew, it became increasingly difficult for the nomadic Krazaa tribes to survive. As the men of Uldritch were set to wipe out the remaining clans, Uram Karjarek united the Krazaa under his banner. The newly formed Karjarek tribe staved off the attack, but knew the humans would be back with larger numbers. Karjarek lead them east, into the eastern frontiers, swearing to return and reclaim his home lands.

Today the Karjarek clan has grown into a large and powerful clan. The Karjarek have enslaved the local goblin population, using them for labor and to do menial tasks. They have also been joined by a tribe of ogres that add a fierce and powerful force to their army. Karjarek raiding camps are seen commonly roaming across the frontiers, and they don’t hesitate to take what they consider theirs.

Shazoth Clan


The Shazoth have a notorious reputation even among the Krazaa. Long ago the Shazoth made a pact with a powerful demon lord, gaining new infernal magic and summoning fiends to destroy their enemies. With a new legion of demons and powerful thaumaturge, the Shazoth quickly and utterly destroyed all rival Krazaa in the southern rim.

Today the Shazoth remain in control of their territory, with no other Krazaa clans even attempting to encroach. The clan is relatively small, but their power has in no way waned. It is said that some of the orcs that original made the pact were granted immortality and still live today, including their leader Bor’Uthrum Shazoth. Their stronghold is in a large cave in the southern mountain range. Few prisoners that are taken there ever escape, and they describe it as a pocket of hell, smelling of sulfur and filled with fire, demons, and dark rituals.

Ulmgakh Clan


The Ulmgakh are one of the oldest Krazaa clans, but not much is known about them or their history. Their camps are hidden deep in Duskwood, it is unknown if they have a stronghold, or even a leader. What is known is that they have been corrupted from the use of ancient and primitive magic. They stab magical crystal thorns and shards into the animals of Duskwood, turning them into twisted servants and warriors. The Ulmgakh are rarely seen, and don’t raid and pillage like most other krazaa. However, with the recent arrival of the Unseelie, the Ulmgakh have come out of the shadows and are being seen with increased activity throughout Duskwood. One Duskwood ranger says he witness the Ulmgakh siphoning the life force out of an Unseelie court fey into a dark magical crystal, leaving a dry withered corpse behind.