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Updates for New Dawn

Greetings all! While we are excited about all the new updates that have come with this build, there are also some issues to be aware of. Due to being a bit light on staff with the holidays rolling around, we are relying on CS to hotfix their bugs. Some of the issues listed on the LoA discord are (and we may or may not have issues with any of these, we are merely listing them for you all to be aware of them so we do not get a bunch of extra bug reports for known bugs):
Nemesis buff does not wear off after killing your active Nemesis mob
Remove requirement for hunting knife to be equipped to skin
Trinit Pouch Quest is taking pouches that contain items
Bard “Riddle of Force” should not affect friendly player pet
Mobs/npcs invulnerable

Please be aware that there is a new setting to turn down the bloom if it bothers you (the extra reflections on things).


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