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Staff Regnum

Teiravon is a role-playing/pvp server with a long and storied history. Our journey began in 1999 on as a privately run Ultima Online shard. Over the years we evolved and grew. We enjoyed a strong playerbase and made a mark within the Ultima private shard community with a reputation as a strong and popular RP-pvp server.

Time passes and platforms evolve. This is the story of a life and it is the story of a gaming community. In June of 2015, some of the old guard administrators and developers for Teiravon came to find Shards Online. It was a platform that we felt could take the Teiravon story further in a more modern environment. It was not lost on us that key developers for Shards Online also came from the Ultima Online universe. We saw within Shards Online a new place that we could call home that seemed to share our same ambitions where it concerns delivering an immersive roleplay experience for our community. Citadel Studios has been keen to work with the clients that supports it by providing a strong toolset and strong support. We look forward to continuing to work with them to provide our players with a top-notch environment in which they can engage their imaginations.

While Teiravon is currently in a state of development (along with the game itself), we encourage the community to offer feedback and suggestions. Teiravon has always had a philosophy of players first and that tradition will continue in this incarnation.
While we provide the world, we expect the community to reciprocate by:

  1. Respecting the play of their fellow gamers.
  2. Contributing to the story by engaging the world in a constructive way. This can be something as simple as playing your part. You needn’t weave a tale, we only ask that you participate within the world in a way that is relevant.

Join us in our adventure, gather your friends, and take part in our world as it unfolds!