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Southern Hills

The Southern Hills is home to most of the larger noble Houses, so it is logical that the capitol of the known world should reside within the region.  The people of the Southern Hills have always accepted feudal rule, enjoying the protections it affords them.  What they have not always enjoyed is how often their sons are called to wage war in far off lands.  The people of the Southern Hills have traded blood for treasure and so they enjoy a high standard of living with the area also serving as the cultural epicenter for all of Teiravon.  That said it would be at one’s own peril to take from these words that the people of the Southern Hills have grown soft.  To the contrary, they understand that they will always be tasked with projecting the crown’s power onto the savage lands that surround them and they are prepared to answer the call to arms.  Couple this with the wealth of resources available through The Consortium and the Jury Arcanum and it is easy to reason that no region can be set to a war footing faster than the Southern Hills.

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Valant serves as capitol of the human controlled territories of the world.  Its high walls, and wide streets patrolled by guards in immaculate gear are meant to intimidate.  By far the largest and most fortified of any of the towns or cities of Teiravon, Valant is the seat of House Mamloch and the crown.  While the castle proper is outside of the city, the power of House Mamloch is always on display.  The Consortium – the trading guild, and The Jury Arcanum – overseers of the practice of the arcane by conduits also consider Valant to be their main base of operations.  The city has every facility that could be required by the craftsman or the adventurer and even boasts a theater near to the city’s center.  Waters run through the center of the city making for impressive bridging and giant grain wheels work all through the day.  Valant is a technological marvel and a sturdy fortress – there is nothing to rival it where humanity is concerned.  It’s centralized location makes it a natural hub of commerce.