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Eastern Frontier

Though cartographers of long ago drew up boundary lines and delegated the lands of the Eastern Frontier separate and apart from the Upper Plains, few recognize the border and even fewer still see it as a land unto itself.  There are no great natural divisions between the two lands which would make their separation apparent and so the creation seems more the work of academics than the people.  Artifices of bureaucracies have never held much weight in the north and so like the land, there is little difference between the peoples of the Eastern Frontier and their kin to the west.

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“On the edge,” those are the words most often spoken about the waterfront town which sits far to the north and east.  It is a fair and blunt assessment as Fairwind sits on the edge of the continent and the edge of the sea.  With its unique lighthouse and picturesque views, Fairwind is a place where adventurers and resource gatherers in the north can find respite and shelter from the toils of their travels.  Even hardened souls find the seascape enchanting.  Stand along the tiered streets and look down onto the blue green waters below.  Stroll the shore and walk under Gulls Arch, a natural formation born of tidal surges of long ago.  Stand sentry over the ocean alongside the lighthouse.  Above, the gulls do their ancient dance, gliding on the shore breeze.  Try your hand at fishing, casting into the deeper waters.  You never know what you might catch!  There are few places within the world that offer such beauty.  While remote, all of the amenities of larger cities are available in Fairwind.