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The world seems an organized place; with power emanating from the center, Valant – but not so long ago Eldritch, the cozy hamlet of the Upper Plains was a rival to its southern master.  Great Houses of the Upper Plains are few and far between – because they were never really needed.  The men and women of the Upper Plains are a hearty lot.  They are gifted hunters, miners and farmers – forever laboring to eke out a living in the harsher northern landscapes, skilled in survival and even warfare – not for want of power but rather out of necessity.  They regard one another as kin, and so have always been ready to heed the call when others of their number were in need.  A small band of their number, employing their skills, made for formidable foes.  The people of the Upper Plains stood longest in resistance to the crown and the rule of House Mamloch, coming to heel only after being subjected to a prolonged assault and embargo orchestrated by the crown’s Man at Arms, Garros Rathke.  Nearly two decades removed from those darker days, the people have come to accept the rule of Krysher Palos Mamloch – though the appointment of Garros Rathke as Archduke and Regent of the Upper Plains has always been a point of contention.  It was only in deed that the King has managed to gain the trust of the people of the Upper Plains as most see him as a just and fair man.

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At the heart of the Upper Plains stands Eldritch, a town that came into being before even Valant.  It was a hub of trade for the Upper Plains which makes up one of the largest land masses in the known world and is centrally located between several other regions, serving as a gateway to the Eastern Frontier, the Frozen North and the Barren Lands.  With no great house seeking to exploit the town and to make it a fortress to preserve power, the town today looks not so different than it did at its founding.  The town has an ealdorman, elected by the people, who is tasked with handling all of the administrative duties of the town proper and acts as liaison to the Archduke and the crown.  Whether crafter or adventurer, you will not find the town lacking for any of the necessities required to excel at either.  Whether acting as your base of operations or a waypoint in your travels, the town has ample amenities.