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Donations for Gary McCann

[GM] Vareli ‘s brother was hit by a car (hit and run) while helping someone on the side of the road. He’s had to undergo facial reconstruction and a slew of other procedures and the family has setup a GoFundMe for it. Let’s all jump in and help a brother out…

On 5/26/19 at Clearview and I-10 East in New Orleans at approx. 4:30-5 in the morning a single car accident occurred when a car hit the middle barrier of the interstate. My son (Gary McCann) seeing the accident did not hesitate and jumped the service road wall to run out and assist the driver of the car. Once he jumped the wall and was standing in the grass waiting to cross another vehicle approached at a high speed and swerved, (possible drunk) and crossed across the grass and hit my son, throwing him in the air and to the pavement. It is a call no mother wants to receive. He was taken to University medical center in New Orleans. Every bone in his face fractured, jaw splintered in pieces, most of his top teeth knocked out or shattered. nose broken, sinus wall fractured, broken bones in hands and multiple abrasions and contusions. He is on concussion protocol. Thankfully his brain was spared. He under went surgery yesterday and has his jaw wired shut plates and pins and more. His face literally had to be pulled forward. He will be recovering for a long time. Missing work, Oh did I mention the driver who hit him ran from the scene. leaving him lie like an animal. He must have all of his broken teeth pulled and reconstruction done. He cannot eat anything right now, just liquids. further surgeries.
We are a very proud family but it will be impossible to pay all the medical bills and reconstruction. many of his friends and his brothers friends have asked for a fund raiser so here it is reluctantly.
My son is alive, It could have been much worse. For that I am on my knees thanking the universe, God, my guardian angels anyone I can think of.

I am blessed. He is blessed with friends and family. Thank you so much to all of those who have asked for a means to help. We are a family that believes in paying it forward and I promise you we have helped many and will continue to bless where we can.

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If you would like to donate via Paypal, we will be collecting money via donation button through our Teiravon paypal and then applying the funds to GoFundMe in one lump sum each week. Any transfer/processing fees to accomplish this will be taken care of by Teiravon administration so that the full value of the donation gets to the family. We will be adding donations starting June 2 and continuing each week while the campaign is active if we have received donations. To donate via paypal, please click below. Be sure to include your name (or how you wish to be attributed publicly, if anonymous please indicate so) and please include your email which will be passed on to the family so that they can thank you.

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