What is Teiravon?


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Welcome to Teiravon

Teiravon is a strict RP shard, that offers a lot of fantasy customization and adventures. Below you will see a list of some of the current custom systems we have or are in the process of adding. Anything with a (*) next to it is a system that is in progress and not currently implemented.

General Systems

Custom Races
Currently we offer three races. Dwarfs, Elfs, Humans. We are currently trying to figure out our full list of races but amoung possibilities are Drow, Orcs, Duergar, Sidhe, Gnomes, etc. Once we are sure how we want to handle all the races we will be sure to let everyone know, but for now dwarfs, elves and humans.

Custom Classes
We offer six custom classes, some of which are not implemented or in progress as not all the assets we need have been put into the Shards Online game. These classes are:
Healer (Name to be determined)

Each class offers unique benefits and offers a different play style, and really trys to push home the immersion.

Class Advancement (*)
Currently the above classes scale up to level 20, once you reach 20 you will be able to choose from two class specializations to further progress your character to a maximum level of 40. What this means for example is Rogues could choose to become an Assassin, or Warriors can become Paladins etc.

Language System (*)
Each race, and some npc races will have there own special languages only they can understand, you will be able to learn by hearing and reading that races books and eventually start to understand there language through time and effort.

Leveling System
Currently the level system goes only up to 20, but once we get all the assets added in as the shards team adds them you will be able to specialize in a sub class and go up to level 40.

War System (*)
Details coming a bit later...

Custom Crafting (*)

Crafting will have a important role to play in the economy, with racial armor and weapons, trinkets, and making new discoveries and reciepes to help really flesh out crafting.


What is Teiravon

<t>What is a good 2D or 3D mmorpg with a good character customization system similar to perfect world preferably with multiple classes and races, but not neccessary. Or if there are any recommended mmorpgs you can think of besides World of Warcraft or Runescape Cant stand them</t>