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Through fading vision, Edward peered up at the terrible visage before him. The undead construct had struck him a sickly blow to his midriff, causing him to reel in pain. That’s when Edward heard the faint noises from nearby, which slowly grew to its true volume. It was revealed to be a battle cry from his brother, Alfred. Edward watched in dazed fascination as Alfred avenged his injury, by repeatedly throwing divine energy at the lich. The lich’s form was blasted apart, leaving only bones and its material wealth behind. Afterward, a faint scent of decay permeated the air, as Alfred gave his brother an appraising look.

“Come now, Brother.” Alfred said, “we won’t reclaim our house if you can’t keep your feet.”

“Aye.” Edward replied, as he gripped his sword tighter in his grasp.

Slowly Edward returned to his full height, then began bandaging his wound. The injury looked dark, almost sickly, even though it had just occurred. Edward frowned in determination. He hated undeath, and cannot suffer their like to remain. Edward gasped as the bandage was pressed against his flesh. Necrotic energies pulsed with residual hatred, left behind by the demolished lich.

Suddenly the creak of aged bones was heard nearby, which mean only one thing. The skeletal mages had found them once again. If the necromancy of the lich was almost enough to kill him, the evocation magic of the skeletal mages surely would finish the job.

“We have no time for that now, Edward” said Alfred while gesturing to his bandaging attempt. Just then, Alfred began calling out the words of power, which allowed him to channel the power of the guardians. A light glowed in opposition to Edward’s wound, and appeared to battle back the residual energies left smouldering by the lich. Edward’s wound was healed, and his vitality and eagerness for battle returned.

“My thanks, Alfred.” Edward said with a smile. “Your connection to the Guardians has grown, I believe they are calling you for greatness.”

Edward then smiled inwardly, for he knew his family line of Preston’s was favored by the Guardians, and he too would do his part.

The skeletal mages came into sight, with horrid pits of darkness glowing from their eye sockets. Their armor and clothing had long since decayed, or been destroyed by centuries of channel evocation magic. Edward looked to Alfred and saw a true look of determination on his brother’s face. Pride swelled within Edward, and with that he whispered a silent prayer to the Guardians and charged forward to his destiny. A fireball blasted against his shield before he could take his second step. The jolt in Edward’s left arm sent him staggering to the side, but he recalled his brother’s determined look and surged forward. Three skeletal mages came within weapons reach sooner than he expected. Two of their eyes glowed with white sockets, revealing their intent to blast him with frost magic. Edward rolled to the side as their energies released, escaping the dangerous ice bolts. With the backward swipe of his sword, a skeletal mage lost its footing and everything below its ankle joint, sending the mage careening to the ground.

With a thunderous crack from the heavens, Alfred sent a smite from the Guardians directly into the top of the skull of one mage. The Guardian’s power could not be denied, and the skeletal mage went from undeath to true death. Edward regained his battle stance and cleaved through the neck and collarbone of the remaining skeletal mage. Despite lack of facial expression, it was plain to see, the skeletal mage knew its end was at hand. That hand was the armored gauntlet of Edward Preston, soon to be Paladin of the Guardians. Like a prophecy, Edward’s sword finished the standing mage and continued descending into the prone mage. ‘Two mages, one attack’, thought Edward with grim satisfaction.

“Well fought, my brother” said Alfred with a nod, then continued, “We have done good work today, but should return to town. Dawn will be upon us shortly.”

“Aye. I will sleep well knowing that those undead abominations will no longer endlessly walk our lands.” said Edward. “Our great house may no longer have lands and wealth, but we have no lost our identity.”

After a journey filled with small aches and pains, Edward and Alfred arrived at the bank in Eldritch. Light hearted and resolute, a feeling that can only come after a nights hard work. A quiet fell about the area, and the hairs raised on the back of Edward’s neck. He turned to observed two large wolves enter the area, followed by their smaller, but still fierce pup.

“Hello friends.” stated a male who walked up from behind the wolves. “My name is Wolfsong.”

With a sigh of relief, Edward introduced himself, “Hail, I am Edward of House Preston.”

A smile crept up upon the face of Edward, as he thought to himself while making simple greetings with new friends. His family may have lost so much, but his future is before him with much promise. With a strong weapon arm, and steadfast faith in the Guardians, he will pursue his destiny.