The Lumberjack's Life

Brother Bother

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The Lumberjack's Life

The Lumberjack's life is milder than most,
No monsters to slay, no victories to boast.

His woodcutting job is thankless and dull,
Picking up sticks 'til his backpack is full

His thoughts are quite simple as he swings and he hacks.
Chop! Swish! Tock! goes the sound of his axe.

When not chopping trees, he's doing some crafting,
The guards and the chickens, that keeps him laughing.

Gone are the days when arrows brought riches,
Silver to bank, or a new pair of britches.

Now he makes money from selling his wares,
Barrels, chests, crates, tables and chairs.

The Lumberjack's life is full as you please,
His days full of lumber, his dreams full of trees.