The Great White Orb


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Hear my tale and help solve this mystery!

After a long day in the fields, practicing my fighting skills, the sun began to set and I decided to call it a day. My fighting skills needed more work, and it showed on my armor, which had teeth and claw marks throughout. Walking through the town gates I figured I deserved a nice ale for all the work I had put in, but also knew that I needed to repair my armor so I could continue my training the following day. After a quick stop at the inn, I walked on over to the leather-worker, stein in hand.

After sitting down at a nearby bench, I removed my armor and began to mark the spots in greatest need of repair. Soon I was cutting up strips and patches of leather and laying them over the damaged areas and proceeded to sew them on top of my dusty armor. Low on strand, the patches were barely held on. It was not a pretty sight, but I figured it was still an improvement.

Knowing I’d need more strand, I asked the town’s leather worker where I might find some. He did not give much information, but a local adventurer informed me that it was rumored that I could find strand in a spider infested forest to the southeast. I thanked the adventurer for the information and immediately decided I would head there the next day. I marked my path on my map and headed back to the inn, buying a room for the night and a few more ales.

The next morning, I immediately got out of bed, donned my armor and walked out of town. Following the path marked on my map, I made haste towards the spider forest. I was making a good time and figured I would have a few hours of hunting there before I’d have to return to town for the evening. I came upon the bridge south of town that I needed to cross to find this rumored strand paradise. The bridge looked like it was in need of repair but I crossed without issue. That is when I saw it…
A large white orb on was sitting about ten feet to the right of the path. Ominously floating a few feet in the air. It must have been 8 feet across! I should have run and told the mayor about this mysterious occurrence, but my curiosity got the best of me. I approached the orb cautiously. It remained motionless, seemingly unaware of my presence at all.

With a gloved hand, I reached out to touch the orb. Still no reaction. What could this thing be and why is it here, I wondered. I prodded and poked at the orb, I even struck it with my rapier to see if I could crack it. Nothing I did seemed to have any effect on the orb. As it was still early in the day, I sat down and enjoyed my lunch while keeping an eye on this otherworldly object. I sat and waited until the sun went down. The orb never moved, never made a sound. Worrying that far worse creatures than bears and wolves came out at night, I decided to head back to the inn. I still cannot shake the image of the perfectly white orb from my head.

Was it an egg of some sort? Waiting in incubation until whatever’s inside decides to leap forth? That is my best guess so far. I visit it daily now, wondering what it might do, and why it hasn’t done anything yet. I implore other adventurers to seek out this orb between the river and the spiders forest. I must know what it is and why it is in our lands. Please help solve this mystery!


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An egg? I shudder to think what manner of beast might reside within. I too have seen this anomaly, I sense nothing good - but perhaps it is fear that clouds my thoughts on the matter. Regardless, I am grateful that you have deemed to keep an eye on it - mayhaps the mayor could be persuaded to post a sentry?


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I think that is a great idea. Hopefully he will realize the potential threat this could be. I will also check on it as often as I can.