Questions from the Townhall Meeting


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Will copper currency have it's weight reduced?
In short, no. This is a game mechanic. If you're super interested I can scan my write up and calculations on the weights/values/types of currency and how it's entirely accurate based on US prices at the time of my calcs.

Will there be paragon type mobs that have a chance to spawn instead of the original normal mobs to spawn?
Some original normal mobs will be replaced with custom mobs, and some will be replaced with "chance to spawn" mobs, but it will take time to fully replace all the base stuff.

When the website eventually gets an update, will there be pictures added instead of pure text walls?
You're an RPer, you should like text. But yes, we have an artist that has granted us use of over 300 of his images and they are.......fabulous.

Is there a roadmap?
There is a trello, link is in the discord. Secret plans are not there, only player suggestions.

Is there a Teirvon wiki?
Yes. It needs to be updated.

Is there a To-Do list to view?
There is a rather long one at the moment, written on several coffee stained torn out sheets, plus numerous notebook pages, and backs of mail envelopes, literally every writeable surface is a potential victim.
I will do my absolute best to post it here on the forums.

Will there be any increases or decreases to the stat cap?

No plans at this time, but we reserve the right to make changes at any time. I don't see any reason for it to decrease.

Will Resource Gathering ever get more than 1-2 per attempt?
Our long term plans are to make this skill based.

Will there be a faction system other than just red orange blue?
As for marking criminals probably not, but we do have 12 factions in our system covering everything from quirky allegiances to kingdoms to the various races of the world.

What are the intended tax rates for land plots?

No clue, we are looking at this and being very cautious at the moment. We do not want to crush our economy.

Will there be Champ spawns like on Ultima Online?
No but there will be awesome random bosses that pop up here and there for you to fight that drop cool stuff.

Will pack horses be reworked in a custom way or will you adopt the new LoA pack horse system?
We will have both. The pack horses will remain as they are, and the saddlebags will carry less than the vanilla LoA system.

Will there be more things to mount other than horses?
What you do in the privacy of your own home is entirely up to you.

Can the /pet bar be moveable?
Yes but it is not a priority at this time. The larger window is movable. Or you can collapse the smaller one if you don't like it.

Will there be a class system other than the default LoA prestige books? / Will there be a level system? / will classes be re-implemented?
Archetypes will be (a hybrid of a straight class system and open skill system) Magic and Bards are being worked on currently.

Will there be a race system?
There is right now on the test server. At the moment it is cosmetic but we will most likely expand to having racial skills/attributes/abilities. These will most likely passive and VERY MINOR.
We really want your choice of race be RP based rather than strategic for the type of skills you want to excel in.

Will Dispatch Missions be improved upon
Good grief yes.....
or will it be dictator/criminal type style destroy and loot somethings house/home?
good grief no....

Will there be more Dungeons?
Yes, we have two custom dungeons already that will be turned back on once our loot is worked out.

Will there be a Diablo 1 style dungeon that just goes on for forever?
This is not possible with the game technology without a large performance hit.

Are there plans for growing your own plants and trees in the wild as well as on housing plots?

Yes but this falls after mages/bards/pets/crafting. A bit down the road. Unless CS does it first, then we will have a framework to modify from.

Will there be Boats and Piracy?
Not unless CS implements it.

Can i fish up Sharks?
Not at this time, but some of the fish are very large.

Are there plans to have multiple types of fishing tools? like nets or harpoons?
Yes, also bait types and rod types.

Will magery have different element types like Holy/Evil/Water/Fire/Wind/Earth/
We have Water/Fire/Wind/Earth/Time/Light

Will there be polymorph or shapeshifting?

Will there be Better resource indicators on Trees and Ores?
We have no ability to change this