Patch Notes: Release 0.1


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Teiravon Release .1 Patch Notes
Character Generation
  • Starting quest is disabled
  • In order to create your character you must interact with the stone in the center of the room
  • Races are not final at this point, they are mostly place holders and carry no stats with them currently
  • There are three classes available right now to choose from. Rogue, Warrior and Mages. Currently Mages are only in for people to have fun with some of the spells. If you want to help out test Rogues and Warriors for balance as they are actually meant to be in the final release. Mages will come later, much later once we get all the assets to properly put them in. For now use them to screw around, you start with all the spells in the game, and max magic stats and intelligence.
  • Each class will star with class appropriate gear, and a small boost to primary stats.


  • Each character starts at level 1, with 1 exp
  • Players may currently access their leveling book with /lvl (this command is case sensitive and should be typed in all lower case)
  • You will receive Attribute Points to spend in whichever stats you should see fit. You will Recieve 4 for each level you gain, and upon character creation you will start with 4 points already assigned to you. Do not forget to spend these!
  • Monsters have a varying degree of threat and will reward exp in regards to that. I will post more information about what categories you can expect certain creatures to be in, in the Bug Report Help thread.
  • The aimed time for leveling progress for 1-20 is about two weeks of casual play. We will have to tune exp in regards to feed back to make sure it feels good and not overly tedious for everyone. There will after we finish with all the base classes be class specializations that will take you from 20-30 in a longer time frame.
  • Your character will automatically level.
  • Please see the appropriate class information post for major details regarding Rogues and how they work.
  • Please see the appropriate class information post for major details regarding Warriors and how they work.
  • Mages as they are, are not in for testing but basically just for fun. So there really is not any further information about them at this time.
Roleplaying Elements
  • The Hooded Robe and Hood item in game will hide your name and turn it into ... while you are wearing the item.
  • Player heads should -no longer- drop in bags, you are welcome :p