Patch Notes 2-8-17


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Patch Notes:
Shards Ver: 4.1
Patch Date: 2/7/17

Note: Although the class changes are new they are not yet final as we are in our alpha stage, things are likley to change and be rebalanced as time progresses. Please report any balance issues or concerns and bugs to us so we may address them!

• Few backend bug fixes.


• Made blackhole do different damage values from different distances from the center.
• Reduced Blackholes cost to 100
• Made Ice Rain a non channel spell, it is not a utility spell that delivers minimal dps, but slows the target.
• Ice Rain now lasts for 6 seconds in the place it is cast and has a reduce mana cost of 30
• Magic missle now gains a new bolt starting at 10, to a max of 5 bolts at 20. (was 10)
• Magic Missle damage output nerfed by half.
• Fireball Crit was not working properly and now fixed
• Shockbolt crit was actually buffing attack speed instead of slowing this was fixed.
• Fixed a bug with bind causing players to be stuck.

New Mage Feature: Weapons
Mages now gain different benefits from having a wizard staff, a wand or a spellbook equipped. Spellbooks regenerate mana over time, Wizard Staffs focus's damage spells (10% mana and damage increase on default staff) and wands give you 5 int and reduce mana cost of battle spells via 5 by default.

• Addressed a bug in stealth that was preventing players from unproperly stealth upon being hit.
• Addressed a bug in shadowstep that was allowing players to spam it.
• Changed shadowcloak into a stance, allowing shadowstep to be greyed out until its active.
• Changed the icon of shadow step to something different from backstab.