Omega Bug Report 2.13

Omega Exodus

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Warrior Bugs

1. Three skills are able to be spammed 2 or 3 times within one cooldown. Sword and Board, The two handed equivalent of Sword and Board, and the Enrage Triggered skill. I will update the names once the shard is up.

2. The same 3 skills as above, if clicked while out of range will still use up stamina as if they were cast successfully.

3. The same 3 skills as above can target self and do serious self-inflicted damage.

Necromancer Bug

Steal the spectre summon's shadow robes!
Step 1. Summon Spectre
Step 2. Inspect the Spectre and view his character sheet
Step 3. Click and drag the Shadow Robes from the Spectre to your backpack
**Note, the robes will not appear in your backpack.
Step 4. Attempt to pick up another item in your pack. If you receive the message "you are already holding something" it worked.
Step 5. Log out and Back in
Step 6. Upon log in, you will be holding the shadow robes and can put them on just like any other item. They provide a shadow animation on the character.


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And I have noticed..

1. Horses that are spawned in game cant be tamed only horses I create.
That with a 30 skill as well.

2.Its still hard to get strands and ore viens still give stones.

3.skill tokens don't give none of the crafting skill, only some skills show up on them.

4. There are no dye.
On a good note.

1. archery works, all crafting works.

That's pretty much it I've tested just about everyone thing else.