Mage Bugs


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After leveling a mage to level twenty, I figured it was time to post about some bugs I've found along the way. I'll add to this going forward, and attempt to format it in a way that won't drive folks crazy.


General Spell Issue -- I seem to regularly find myself unable to cast a spell immediately after pressing a hotkey at random times. It doesn't seem to relate to a specific spell, and I can't determine what is causing the issue. While in combat (ie. already engaging a target) and sometimes even I am attempting to initiate combat with an offensive spell I suddenly will find certain hotkeys not to function, ie. magic missile, frostfire bolt, fireball, etc. any longer, forcing me to cast literally whatever spell WILL work. The problem occurs when I have plenty of mana, a clear line of site, am not being hit in melee or at range.

Black Hole - - there is no spell icon for this one, though I assume that's due to a lack of artwork for it at this point rather than a bug.

Invisibility - - I find myself randomly dropping out of invisibility no matter what my current mana pool. I don't know if being able to move is intended while under the spell, but you currently seem to be able to be to a point.. eventually you are revealed (and your mana continues to drain) and will be attacked by hostile NPCs as one normally would be able to. The problem is that if you were to recast invisibility to cloak yourself again, you are given a system alert of "your form shimmers and you reappear" rather than actually being hidden again. So you'd have to recast the spell twice to hide yourself.

More to come, I forgot about a hockey game that I need to watch : )


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I am going over the mage spells tomorrow, so we will see what i can do. Been doing alot of back end optimization, so ill check out the casting issue and fix invisibility. The black hole doesnt have a icon ill have to place something different there for now.

How was gameplay feeling? for instance

1. Is the class to strong or weak? if so why?
2. are the spells and class fun? Is there something that can be done better.
3. I am going to be adding some spells in the future any suggestions?


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I updated some back end stuff for mage spells to make them more efficent, this won't be noticeable in game. I think i addressed the casting problem, I added sounds to spells that previously needed them. I addressed a few minor bugs i ran across here and there. I fixed the Invisibility misspelling and added blackhole icon.

I could not reproduce the invis bug however more testing will be needed.


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1st off good job on the mage spells, its fun to play and yea some spells dont act right when u hit hot keys.
as for them being weaklings yea the a little at times im relly loveing the mage.

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I recently made a Nercomancer and experienced the same problem today as reported above. It happened after I targeted my pet (Ghoul) and healed him. Switched back to the mob and none of my offensive spells worked. I fought a few more mobs and I could not use any offensive spells. I then switched targets to my ghoul, healed him and then offensive spells started firing again.