Early Access Patch – December 21st 2018


Staff member
  • Containers will soon accurately abide by their item limits
    • Containers now show a current/max item count.
    • Individual containers will have a max item count of 100 (Containers inside containers are still limited by the topmost container’s item limit).
    • Banks will have a max item count of 200.
    • Picking an item up from an overfilled container will not allow it to be placed back into the overfull container.
  • “Bandage bug” has been resolved. Items in hotbar no longer stop functioning/become locked.
  • On death, Blessed items are moved to top level of a player’s backpack, preventing blessed items in sub-containers from dropping onto their corpse.
  • Oasis and Black Forest neutral outpost are now protected by lightning.
  • Loot protection check is now done based on the location of the victim’s corpse instead of the current location of the victim.
  • Hireling merchant no longer locks down sale items on dismissal. Instead prompts you with dialog telling you to pick up your items.
  • Map defaults to zoomed in on your current location.
  • Cobalt Durability Bonus now calculates correctly.
  • Tamer pets can now attack mission lair spawns.
  • Removed small section of Brecca Mines from being included in the guardzone.
  • Wild Feathers now have the correct name when stacked.
  • Skills gaining from 0 to 10 only gain if you have a chance to gain on that action.
  • Water no longer appears white when logging in with reflections disabled.
  • Fix overhead chat being hard to read with long messages.
  • Reduced drop rate on low level fishing maps.
  • Bug addressed which was causing higher than expected melee damage:
    • Overpower attack bonus reduced from 125% to 75%
    • Stab attack bonus reduced from 125% to 50%
    • Stab Stealth Bonus reduced from 300% to 200%
  • Powershot damage bonus increased from 40% to 50%.
  • Shield Bash now has a 60 second cooldown.
  • Charge now has a 30 second cooldown.
  • Manifestation heal amount variance reduced from 20% to 5%.
  • Missed Stab attacks will now reveal hidden attackers.
  • Reduced Max Heal from bandaging from 312 to 256.
  • Ice Barrier ability can now be used while disabled (stunned).
  • Poison and bleed ticks no longer interrupt spellcasting during Mage Armor.
  • Daze immunity now applies following being dazed (similar to stun immunity).
  • Catacombs now closes correctly upon completion.
  • Death has been buffed significantly.
  • Added missing art asset placeholder when items fail to load the associated 3d art.
  • Torch gets ignited during nighttime and in caves / dungeons only
  • Removed audio effect from torch when in inventory
  • Add better messaging when you can not resize your plot.
  • Adjusted locations / facing of dungeon chests.
  • Replaced mugs hanging in Eldeir Village inn to static mugs.
  • Fix nearby shop markers in Outpost not appearing in some situations.
  • Removed sound effect from mana missile effect.
  • Players cannot remove title using Remove Title button in an achievement window while title lockdown is on.
  • Reduce clickable area of portals to make it harder to click them by accident.
  • Players can no longer view the contents of other player’s packhorses.
  • Snakes now make pain noises.
  • Picking up a bag that is open will close the bag, as well as each open bag inside.
  • Added Pyros Inn audio zone.
  • Gold ore hue corrected.
  • Items and doors in Belhaven now aligned properly.
  • Plot transfer targets must be standing near mailbox to transfer plot.
  • Merchant Hirelings that are currently following the player can be recovered via stuck command.
  • Added outcast shrines to Southern Hills and Eastern Frontier.
  • Innocent players can no longer heal Chaotic players without first becoming Chaotic.
  • Earthquake can no longer be cast in Town.
  • Combat immunity text updated to be more specific.
  • Added Lockpick recipe.
  • Fix trade not clearing when stack sizes change.