Current Debugging of Test Server for Pre-Steam Release


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I would like to thank everyone for helping out with testing. This has been incredibly helpful for us as we work through this rather large update.

As a reminder, any one who participates in the testing will receive a special reward when we go live.

As it stands, current issues will be listed below. Please contribute to the thread or post to discord and I'll add to the list. Thank you!!!
Red - current issues
Green- Resolved
Yellow - Please test further and report findings.
Blue - An issue that only CS can fix, or we are waiting for CS to fix
Magery spells do not seem to land/affect enemy targets. Heal works fine.

Map button doesn't call up a map, hotkey or menu

Daylight seems to cycle very rapidly

Mocking Blow has been fixed

Not able to cross bridge at BlackGrove wilderness border

There is a bug when talking to atleast ROTH (Tailor) in Eldeir... he doesn't say "About Crafting Orders" unless you say "I want to know something" then "Nevermind" .. unless it is just because I already finished one..

Bandages aren't working

Mrs. Paws and other hell raisers in the Inn have had a stern talking to and no longer attack everything in sight.

Some trees are not falling once their resources are depleted.

Seems like bears aren't attacking me, or coyotes

Obsidian items don't say "Obsidian Kryss" for example

I tamed a few bears, wasn't able to get them to attack

the woodworker's table in Valent does not craft anything visible, and it is also using resources

Alternate character has house recognition (map icon) and authority on management of house. Unable to claim additional plots on alt character. ~~~~This is intended

Unable to place housing on plots (could just be related to certain types of houses?)

Unable to destroy/deed the house once it was a construction site

RECIPES ARE BEING LOOKED AT. Right now there are definitely issues.
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Fishing - I fished for 20 minutes standing in Valant. I cast 3 times per minute. In 60 casts I got 41 barrel fish, 10 tero fish, and 9 treasure maps. That's a 15% catch rate on maps, which seems inordinately high. I also never failed to catch something, and it never told me "the fish are not biting here" or equilivent. meaning there was never a need to move. This leaves fishing vulnerable to macroing, in town, safe, from 0 to 100 without ever moving, and probably getting 1000 treasuremaps. Might need a balance pass.