Alternate Advancement Skill Ideas Help.


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Okay guys so I am looking for some cool skill ideas for our Alternate Advancement System! What is this system? Well its additional skills you can get access too that will further advance your character! These are not normal skills and they do not eat up your skill points from other areas. Instead as you advance in level you will riase your Alternate Advancement skill points cap.

So what is so special well these are skills meant to be helpful in someway but not consider must have. Some of the skills can give you added benefits that may only be helpful in a RP scenario or in a very low manner. So here are my examples of what I am looking at for AA skills.

Detect Hidden
Forensic Evaluation -- lets you learn info from a corpse.
Spirit Speak -- Not currently possible but planned for later.
SpeechCraft -- You gain better prices from vendors
Sense Heading

These would be skills that have a more limited use, but still some use at least. Feel free to post your suggestions.


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Sounds good! It would be pretty cool if artisans could specialize in specific items, such as: long sword, robe, leather pants, ex. Maybe a high skill level could add durability or even a little stats.