a couple of questions?


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1. Are houses for sale anywhere?

2. Is the pouch recipe taken out on purpose, or just a bug? It really limits bank space. Without houses, the only other way to store things is to just lock down on the ground in a plot?

3. Can't get crafting orders for Carpentry and Blacksmithing in Eldrich. Intentional? I can get them other places.


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I am a player, but here's what I've seen said.

1. No, houses have been removed for the time being. The dev team is concerned about the nature of Teiravon's economy. They want the build from a small shack to a huge mansion to be a long process, with the largest homes being reserved for those it makes the most sense for (wealthy merchants or guilds). Right now the official servers have been a shining example of the huge flaws in the game's economy. Once the loot tables get sorted and the dev team gets a handle on what to expect from the economy we'll likely see houses.

2. I'm not sure if it was taken out on purpose, or if it's gone because they've merged custom code into systems that have since been overwritten by Citadel Studios updates. We see a lot of the second, but that's being resolved. As of right now the only path towards muling is to either drop it on the ground and pick it up with your other character or own a plot of land and lock/unlock it. Be aware that since this is an RP server this behavior is frowned upon (but not technically against the rules).

3. This is a bug. I believe it's already been reported. When you encounter things like this it's very helpful to use the in-game reporting feature. It's in the drop-down menu that you can access from the cog on the mini-map, or simply by hitting escape with nothing selected. Be as thorough in your report as possible.


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Thanks for the reply. In general, i have a lot of questions because of my background: two degrees in math, game design, own two game stores and have been heavily into role playing for a few decades. So with a work in progress design, i'm more just curious 'am i pointing out a big? or is this part of the design?'. I worked designing custom minecraft servers for a few years with a team of friends down in New Zealand. The ironic thing that I was always asked to do was to create a server economy, but then all the players screamed when I set up a systems to make some things rare, or make players make choices. The conflict between 'we want an economy' and 'each person wants to do everything'. The official servers have made a mess of things already, the game really wasn't ready for release.

So on houses, I can absolutely understand the issue. No one wants to see a the land become the housing mess it was in UO. Having a tier of houses available by some criteria would be good.

The biggest thing that not having pouches hurts is not having storage. I hate muling with a passion, both for RP purposes and the time logging in and out. Similarly, seems odd to store things in chests on a plot with everything for sale. Hopefully those come back soon.

The lack of crafting orders for lumber and metal seemed odd, but I almost wondered if it was intentional to push people to other cities. That really didn't make sense though with the nice theme of wooden houses and forest in Eldritch vs stone in Valant. And for metal you'd just assume people could start in helm. But mostly was just curious about whether bug or intentional. I was glad to see the change to coin weight be confirmed. That opened up the though process of why and what changes. The immediate answer is "Wow, it's so inefficient to farm low level mobs for this heavy copper!" After I've mastered the needle, I plan on working on magery. Powerful Mages shouldn't waste their time farming bandits.

Overall, the server changes are very nice. More to do in the wilds, better karma system with some mobs giving karma, and lots of other little changes. I look forward to seeing whats coming. And glad to see an RP server. Not a lot of us on, but I've yet to have someone talk to me without RP.


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Thank you! I apologize, I'm not getting email notifications when people post for some odd reason.

I'll check pouches tonight. It was brought up and I simply forgot about it.

The spread of places to get resources is intentional. However we do need to take a closer look at this with regard to our custom races.

I'd love to talk to you still about the economy, just let me know when you can manage some time :)