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    Golden Silk?

    After an epic fight with a chittering horror (in which she won the first round and i had a long run) I managed to kill the beast. Thousands of hitpoints! I received two pieces of Golden Silk? Hoping there is a use for this?
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    Botting allowed or not allowed?

    In the rules it says: no client side mods. Does that include things for spellcasting to raise skills, or to gather resources? I ask because a player has been auto harvesting cotton for about 5 hours in Eldrich. He stands in the center, doesn't move, auto picks it as it grows, leaving the bits...
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    a couple of questions?

    1. Are houses for sale anywhere? 2. Is the pouch recipe taken out on purpose, or just a bug? It really limits bank space. Without houses, the only other way to store things is to just lock down on the ground in a plot? 3. Can't get crafting orders for Carpentry and Blacksmithing in Eldrich...
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    Bugs: Ongoing list as I play through

    Observations from my first day playing on the server. FIXED Clothe Mage Hat is bugged, giving you a bandana instead. This causes problems doing work orders since the npc seems to really like giving out orders for Mage Hats. I've been stalled now for a bit, taking one of 3 mage hat orders...