Story Contest Submissions

Deciding who the winners were for this first contest was difficult. One thing was apparent reading through the submissions, we have some quality weavers of story here on Teiravon - which bodes well for roleplay and immersion down the road. The number of different literary devices employed (points of view, movement within time, etc) to make these stories interesting and unique is a testament to each of you. I was really inspired and I know that Tihr was as well. Whether you "won" or not - is to my mind frankly irrelevant, because each of you chose to participate and to contribute to our community as a whole and that is what matters most of all. So a sincere thanks to all who took the time and gave us a little slice of your creativity. ~~Justice

I loved reading everyone's stories. You each have a unique take on your story writing and some of the tales brought a smile to my face and even a chuckle. Thank you all for giving us some insight on your characters and your experiences while here. ~~ Tihr 'a Lahn

If you want to be recognized, please let me know whether you want your character name/discord name/real name included and if you want a title added (and send them to me).