Why Hiding and Stealth are worthless.


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I have only recently started playing this game and I am very happy with how most things are in the game at this stage.
My aim was to create an archer character who uses stealth as well. I found out that it is not worth spending 200 skill points on hiding and stealth for a number of reasons.
1 - Melee warriors have a general advantage since they can attack you while mounted.
2 - You are easily detected and discovered when you try to hide. (Players simply walk up to where you were and spot you. For an ability which costs 200 skill points this is complete nonsense.) Making your 200 skill points a waste.
3 - Different to how it was implemented in UO, Stealth actually does not allow you to make the first shot. If you decide to attack someone with a bow when you're hidden, your character first becomes visible, stands up and draws the bow. This completely destroys any use for stealth skill since it won't even allow you to get off a free first shot.
Stealth and Hiding feels a bit neglected in my opinion. I would like to see balance in all the aspects of the game and this stands out a lot.
Please let me know what you think about this and possibly what you intend to do about it.



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the distance at which you can stealth near things is a bit much in my opinion. also, there is a way to stealth your horse and ride it around for a short time. lol


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Great feedback, Lets add some fixes to it:

1. Stealth and hiding need to be combined to one skill. You are right, 200 skill points to hide is a bit much.

2. You should lose stealth at the start of a cast, Not when you unhide, standup, then cast. (This still gives you an advantage and still lets other people respond)

3. Detecting stealth should be a lot harder. Perhaps even opening up for a new spell for increased stealth detection.


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I'm not sure what you guys think of my thoughts on this, but I'll throw them out there :p Mind you, none of this is set in stone, just what comes to mind. I do see these as separate skills. Stealth is related to combat, hiding in wait for a victim, getting off a free shot. The higher stealth, the faster you can move while stealthed. The level you are compared to the level of your enemy should determine whether they can detect you. Hiding on the other hand is more of a defensive tactic, blending into the background to avoid being attacked, or to hide out while you rest up. Hiding should immediately deactivate if you are in combat or go into combat, and the higher your skill, the better chance you have at not being detected.

Of course this is aside of how they may or may not work in the game currently, just my thoughts on how I feel they should work. Open to discussion :)