Untitled - FIRST PLACE (Meatzombie)


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The graveyard was overrun by unholy abominations, rotting corpses and skeletal warriors assaulted us in wave after wave. My Brothers, Alfred, William, and Edward all at my side, tested but invigorated by the holy retribution we were bringing on this place. Alfred chanted a prayer and created a wall of fire, incinerating a wave of the soulless. William, swung his halberd in an arc, cutting swaths as we continued to push deeper into the unhallowed burial ground. Edward and I had the sides, protecting our brothers with curved shields, slaying any wayward husk that happened to get too close.
“How big IS this place?” Asked Edward, extracting his blade from a putrescent skull.
“We will know when we find the source” I responded.

We were there to find out why the dead were rising, to find, and Guardians willing destroy the source of this corruption. We continued battling over a bridge, skeleton mages perverting the arcane, called down lightning from the sky and threw balls of fire to stop us.
We held the bridge for minutes that seemed like an eternity, the hordes behind us seemed to thin out - “We’ve got breathing room, PUSH FORWARD!” I bellowed.

The four of us began moving forward methodically, fire charring our shields, lightning falling around us, Alfred’s healing and protections being the only thing between us and the thin veil of death. Once we closed the distance to the mages, we were able to make short work of them, their bones clattering on the cobbled ground.
We didn’t have much time to celebrate, we had but a moment to spend bandaging our wounds before seeing it. Coming over a second bridge, a ghoul of sorts, larger than the rest,wrapped in cloth and shambling toward us. Springing to action, Edward ran towards the mummy. “Edward! Stop!” I yelled, but it was too late. He stabbed the corpse through the gut, dragging his blade out through the side, spilling the contents of it’s bowels onto the stone bridge. Unaffected, the mummy brought a hand across Edward’s helmet, with more force than I would have imagined possible. Edward crumpled to the ground, his helmet dented, blood started pooling around his head. We had all been running towards him, we caught up just as he fell, I protected William as he hacked at the mummy, feeling the jarring impact on my shield with each blow.

Then it was over, William had brought his halberd down on the abomination’s head, cleaving it in twain. “Edward” I thought “My brother, please be alive”
Alfred was standing over Edward, the power of the Guardians coursing through him, I watched in awe as light pulsed around him, I had no idea he had grown this powerful. Radiance grew from his palms, he continued his prayer louder, he was sweating, all at once, the light leapt from his hands into the bleeding body before him, and for a moment, it seemed as if the stars and moon had been extinguished.
Edward coughed, Alfred fell to his knees,his robes soaked with sweat. “Wha….what happened?” asked Edward, weakly. William removed edwards dented helm and began bandaging him.
“I don’t know” I said, holding down relief, and wonder. We didn’t need to speculate right now, we were still in danger. “What I do know, is we are in danger here, we need to move, I can see a hill at the other side of this bridge, perhaps we can rest up there. On your feet, we need to get back into formation.”
“Alfred.” Alfred stood up, if he was worse for the great amount of energy he had just channeled, it barely showed. “We need to move.”
Alfred nodded, taking position.
Ahead of us, between us and the hill, there were more of the creatures we had slain so many of. “Let’s cut a path! For House Preston!” I yelled.
“FOR HOUSE PRESTON” my brothers echoed.
We moved forward grinding through the hordes of stinking corpses, arrows caught in our armor, we moved forward. ghoulish claws raked any exposed skin they could find, we moved forward. A mummified hand smashed my shield to splinters, we moved forward.
Exhausted, we made it to the bottom of the hill. Looking upward I could see there was a gate, an altar of sorts, and stone cliffs surrounding it. “Fine” I thought “We will at least have our backs to a wall”
We moved up the hill backwards, the tide was thinning again, victory was in sight, the sky was beginning to lighten. How long had we been here?
A blast of rock and shrapnel struck William’s back, knocking him to his knees. I turned my head to Alfred who was now looking behind us, up the hill, with terrified resolve.
Up the hill was a mage...no...three ma…...five mages….cloaked in death shrouds weilding scythes.
“Lich” spat Edward. William stood up, swaying slightly, likely still dizzy from the impact.
There was no chance, we would die here.
“Take! That! Hill! FOR HOUSE PRESTON!”
The battlecry was raised and we charged the hill, the place reeked of ozone and flesh as we battled through lightning, fire, and boulders being thrown at us.
We were losing.
I didn’t have my shield, we were exhausted, but we would not yield. We had taken care of two of the liches when more appeared behind them, these were larger than the last, and you could feel their power like a fetid slime that coated everything around them. William had fallen, Edward’s shield burned to a crisp, Alfred was pale, drawing into far more power than he had before, he looked on the verge of unconsciousness. My armor was falling to pieces, my helmet had been destroyed by a boulder that should have killed me.
I raised my blade, too slowly, to block the scythe the corrupted mage wielded and it’s point drove deep into my shoulder.
I fell.
I fell to my knees, from exhaustion, from the blow, from the crushing realization that this was the end. The sky was getting lighter, dawn was breaking, and I was at peace. Wherever there was darkness there would be light, wherever there were people who would fight, evil would be kept at bay. I closed my eyes, waiting for the blow that would end my life.
It never came.
There was panting around me, I opened my eyes. Everything was foggy, but the liches were gone. My brothers were beside me - how long had my eyes been closed? I looked at alfred, who was already saying prayers over me, closing my wounds. “What happened?” I croaked, throat full of dust, how long had it been since i’d spoken? He gave a small smile. “M’lord, the greater undead cannot abide the light.” he paused. “We made it.”