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No lancing items are listed on the crafting menu of blacksmithing. Only way to obtain T2-T4 weapons currently are high level loot, which provides difficulty in itself to even raise the level of the skill. but here is the real reason for the post:

Lancing is the only melee AOE option. The three abilities: AOE attack, dismount, AOE stun. the ranges on all of these are too short to really do much. the range is 2 yards. to get a mob to stand on top of another mob is quite difficult, especially in a combat situation where there could be multiple mobs ranged and melee trying to attack you. you can kite them behind a wall or corner to cause them to stack, but they will often come around the corner and stand next to one another just outside of that 2 yard range.

Magery skills for DMG and HEAL have several AOE abilities, and they are an 8 yard radius. Which can be performed at a ranged position, and that stun the target (magery skills such as fireball, lightning, meteor, energy bolt, and sometimes poison will all stun the target for a short time, but thats a whole different post). a ranged 8 yard AOE that can stun and do LOTS of damage is rather good for PVE and PVP.

my proposal:

change the range for lancing auto attacks have an 8 yard range.
change the range for the AOE dmg ability to 10 yards
change the range on the dismount to 6 yards
change the range on the AOE stun to 8 yards.

or make them all 10 yards. that would work too.

because lancers are in the middle of the combat taking damage with no shield,

they cant use these skills while mounted, which means the dismount skill at 2 yard range means you have be on top of the target to get it to work in the second they use it, not accounting for the slightest lag or direction change or miss, or wait for your target to run right over you.

just a simple increase in the range of lancing attacks will allow the skill to be viable.


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also forgot to mention the magery spell Earthquake, which destroys ppls cameras as well as give a huge range and huge dmg AOE from the caster themselves. :cool:


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more thoughts on Lancing skill:

Lancing crafting - it would be really helpful and cool to be able to craft lancing weapons. I would say however they should be crafted in the carpentry table UI. Lancing is similar to archery and piercing, piercing should definitely be in blacksmithing, but with crooks, and bows, it could add a nice little flare to the carpenters options of creating relevant items for a combat progression. =)

Lancing Prestige skill - as mentioned previously, archery is similar to lancing. archery has a stand alone prestige requirement, just the skill itself, no companion skill. (an example would be the need for sheilds as well as heavy armor for sheild bash, or channeling along with the magery skill requirements for those prestige books. ) lancing currently only has stun strike as a prestige skill, and it could use another. my suggestion is "javelin". a ranged shot on a long cooldown very similar to snipe. perhaps a 15 yard throw on a 30 second cool down with a 3.5 cast time.

Lancing animation - the warfork, the first item available for lancers, has a great stabbing animation. the gladius (t2) and the spear/warspear have the same animation that 2h slash and bash use. it would be great to have the same animation used for warfork for the tier2 and 3 weapons....and then tier 4 and 5 when they are available. =)