lancing crafting and prestige


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suggestions to help #makelancinggreatagain


lancing added to blacksmithing or carpentry menus.

if for carpentry profession, just reduce the ingot bar requirement by half or close, to and add in wood (in parantheses)

T1 warfork 3 iron, 1 lignite coal (5 wood)
T2 Pilum 6 iron, 1 bituminous coal (10 wood)
T3 war spear 7 steel, 1 bituminous coal (10 durable wood)
T4 halberd 8 cobalt, 1 anthracite (10 blightwood)
T5 runed halberd 10 crystalized cobalt, 1 carbon (10 vile blightwood)


add lancing to the requirements on CHARGE 1-3 and HAMSTRING 1-3. currently those skills require a set skill based on level in bashing, slashing, or piercing. causing lancers who need/want to use those gladiator and knight prestige skills to sacrifice skill points.

thank you :)