Hopes for Taming & Suggestions for its future


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Taming is one of the big three combat styles currently in the game. Like Magery and Warrior, it requires 4 skills to be fully successful (Animal Lore, Animal Taming, Beastmastery, and either Healing or Manifestation for recovery). This makes being a tamer a fully realized combat role.

That said, taming on LoA sucks hard. When comparing it to the other combat roles, taming can take between 5-15x longer simply to reach comparable levels. Taming on the official servers means focusing on animals in your targeted taming range- namely those you're going to fail against frequently, because succeeding means no more taming chances. Each taming attempt takes around 10 seconds, and you might see a 0.1 boost every 2-3 minutes of actively taming. Most of that is Q (skill), T (last target), wait, repeat. Utterly dull. It's made even worse by wonky AI and aggressive targets cancelling the tame.

Now, look, I know that this game is the spiritual successor to Ultima Online. And I know that taming faced the exact same hardships in UO. I don't think that's a very good argument for the skill being the way it is- especially when UO had peacemaking and paralyze to pacify violent targets. In UO it could also be considered a type of gathering skill because you could sell your pets- LoA doesn't have that beyond horses, and those are available from vendors for very cheap.

Suggestion: Make both Animal Lore & Animal Taming have a chance to go up when healing your pets. Make Beastmastery & Animal Taming have a chance to go up when fighting.

Animal Taming is ultimately a combat skill and could be directly compared to the Weapon skills or Evocation, with Animal Lore & Beastmastery serving a similar role to Magical Affinity and Vigor. Yet despite being the primary gatekeeper for tamers they can't actually raise the skill in combat. That's bunk.

I'm definitely not suggesting that taming should go up faster or even as fast at it might in direct application, but a simple chance for it to go up would do wonders for the skill. Give tamers an opportunity for engaging gameplay and not and endless cycle of 10 second pauses before they're allowed to enjoy the game. Please.

The other big problem with taming on the official servers is that it just plain sucks for a combat skill. It has too much of an initial investment and the payoff isn't currently competitive at the higher levels of play. Wyverns end up being the best pet you can tame, but take nearly all of your control slots. They're also huge and difficult to use in caves- especially if other players can't clip through your pets.

I hope we can avoid the "best pet" meta of the official servers, or its spiritual predecessor. I hope that we can strive to make multiple pet varieties viable for high level content. With RP being such a large part of the server it'll act to give tamers an identity beyond "shepherds with dragons." I'd love to see pet teams of one big, scary creature (like a wyvern), or a group of pets (like spiders) that find strength in numbers at the expense of being easier to kill if single targeted.

I'm sorry. I'm rambling. I'll stop. I've seen what little bits of taming Teiravon has on the test server and I'm hugely hopeful. What I've seen I really like. I'm really looking forward to what the team has to offer.


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Thank you for your insight on this rather tricky, yet very popular, aspect of the game. I really think the suggestions are on point and make perfect sense in the scope of the symbiosis between the tamer/animal. Where we would like as well is to have there be a true bond, where pets you keep gain levels and abilities of their own, and as they advance, new abilities open up for the tamer. Different attributes for different types of animals. This way you must be strategic with what you take out, and also with what you're willing to risk.


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We just made some changes to tames and added more high level ones. We're trying to avoid that "best pet" that everyone wants by having several with different pluses/minuses, and we definitely have a lot of work ahead of us still. But first must come some balancing, then we will work on implementing the skill suggestions that you made, I really like this idea and think it makes a lot more sense. Thank you for your insights :)