fishing yield


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this is about the fishing skill, and how it compares on our server with other resource gathering.

one of the problems with fabrication is the lack of materials, or rather when the materials are gathered they come in small quantities. 1 of either strand, cotton, or fluffy cotton. if when gathering a node of cotton, a person would get either 1 cotton, fluffy, or strand; there would be an easier time of raising the fabrication. whole guilds are dumping resources into one crafter and still cant GM fabrication. we need more resources upon the gathering, like what was done for mining and lumberjacking.

mining has too much resources when gathered. the ratio of high end mats like gleaming ore and charcoal come out with every swing of the pick. often leaving the blacksmith with way more gleaming ore than whats a decent ratio to create the steel is. if iron ore was what came out most, and the high end crafting mats were once every couple swings of the pick, the resources gathering would be a little bit more balanced. right now there is high demand in blacksmithing for the base iron ore, because everyone else has too much of the high end resources and not enough of the base material needed to craft everything in the trade.

lumber jacking is fine, you get 1-3 logs per swing, and you get to choose which type of resource you want to gather in it. its just a pain when all that wood falls to the floor and some one steals it.

fishing, what the post is about, and ways to fix:

fishing is sorta like gathering cotton currently. you only get one per castbar/animation. fabrication is so rough because of that, if there was an increase in the quantity of materials when gathered it would not be so bad. maybe if fishing was like cotton gathering, either one giant, large, or small fish per cast (better chance at big fish for higher level) it wouldnt be so arduous. but i think quantity based on skill level is needed.

it also seems that the high end resources of fishing, the larger and giant types of fish, dont come with any consitency. i got a giant fish within the first 5 points, and didnt see one again until mid 40s. every once in awhile ill get a large fish. if fishing were like the current mining, id have a good mixture of giant, large, and small.

when you fish, the animation takes forever, thus making the resource gathering slow. regardless of skill you only bring in one fish. imagine lumberjacking taking 7 seconds for each swing and you only got 1 log each time. but like lumberjacking, you can pick what type of resource you want to gather (i.e. different pools of fish and open water)


i would be nice if you got either more fish, or bigger fish consistently, for having a higher skill. thus helping people test out its companion skill cooking. if you could speed up the fishing casting animation, that would help so much also, but i dont know if that is anything we could change on Teiravon-alpha-3.