a taming commentary


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crook just makes animals stand in a spot...boring. lol

tamed basic animals wolves, hinds, coyotes, horses, chickens, turkeys till 60... lore seems stuck at 10.8

horses able to tame @ around 15 skill

big needs: pet summon on large cooldown
bonding of some sorts, so you dont loose your pet under harsh circumstances, maybe....
(stable bond: dead pets can be ressurectedat the stable at a price)

could tame black bears around lvl 40 taming,

cant tame brown bears, at all, which seemed odd

i have my setup as /tame and /release on my 2 and 3 keys. run around on a horse and tame and release, picking cotton too.
if i fail on a tame, the T key lets me select last target, its its easy as 2,T,2,T,2,3,T as an example.

you can harvest and mount while you tame.

just tame and release, and repeat. there is no need to keep any tame, except horse for riding.

62.3 taming, and 12.3 animal lore. so its going up =)

prestige skills ideas: taunt, ground pound AOE, auto ressurect, pet charge,

pets dont travel with /stuck?????? check this

60ish is grey wolves and black bears, 62 is grizzly bears and great harts

you get a little buff while youre taming called "taming", sometimes its good to look at this, to see if the taming bugged.
which you just need to repeat the tame if so, and does happen from time to time

hit 80 taming, animal lore is at 12.6, taming only great harts and grizzly bears and grey wolves

84, dire wolves or hell hounds. both will attack you.

ancient wolves skill you up in beast mastery

you can tame animal corpses and bug the respawn.

thats just gettign to 100. very quick process if you know where the spawns are. have fun.